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Fundamentals of Nursing Cheap

Fundamentals of Nursing cheap Learn fundamental nursing principles, concepts, and skills with ease. Fundamentals of Nursing, 8th Edition includes accurate, cutting-edge content, active learning strategies, and the latest evidence based research to help you excel in your classes and prepare for success in the competitive nursing field. nursing books cheap -

Test Success Test Taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students Cheap

Test Success Test Taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students cheap 800 plus practice questions in the book and on the CD-ROM introduce new nursing students to an assortment of testing formats they will encounter throughout their nursing education and on the NCLEX exam. Information is organized into 14 content areas. Coverage enhances critical thinking, time management, and effective study habits, for improving classroom performance and test taking. Updated and revised, the 6th Edition provides more alternate item format questions reflecting the latest NCLEX RN test plan as well as test taking tips. nclex books cheap - nursing books cheap -

Physical Examination and Health Assessment Cheap

Physical Examination and Health Assessment cheap An excellent book for those students enrolled in a BSN or ADN program. Physical Examination and Health Assessment, 6th Edition offers a clear, logical, and holistic approach to physical exam across the lifespan. This gold standard in physical exam reflects what is going on in nursing today with coverage of emerging trends and new evidence based content. Photos to clarify examination techniques and expected findings. Over 1,000 full color illustrations present anatomy and physiology, examination techniques, and abnormal findings. Developmental considerations help in caring for patients across the lifespan with age specific assessment techniques for infants, children, adolescents, pregnant females, and older adults. Abnormal findings tables include over 300 pathology photos to help in recognizing, sorting, and describing abnormalities. Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle boxes enable patient teaching and health promotion while performing the health assessment. nursing books cheap -

Clinical Nursing Skills and Techniques Cheap

Clinical Nursing Skills and Techniques cheap Comprehensive coverage includes over 200 basic, intermediate, and advanced nursing skills. Five step nursing process provides a framework for description of skills, as related to overall client care. Rationales for each skill step explain why steps are performed in a specific way, including their clinical significance and benefit, and incorporate the latest research findings. Critical decision points address key safety issues or possible skill modifications for specific patient needs. Unexpected outcomes and related interventions alert you to what might go wrong and how to appropriately intervene. Special considerations discuss variations in the needs of children, older adults, and home care patients, and help you provide appropriate patient education as mandated by the Joint Commission. Pediatric, geriatric, home care, and teaching considerations address specific patient needs. Critical thinking exercises challenge you to integrate information on patient assessment and care. Using Evidence in Nursing Practice chapter discusses the complete process of conducting research, collecting, critiquing, evaluating, and applying evidence to improve patient care. nursing books cheap -

Lange Radiography Examination Cheap

Lange Radiography Examination cheap Specifically intended to prepare radiology students for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, ARRT examination. Covers all five subject areas on the ARRT examination. This book encompasses current physical principles and clinical applications of radiology, Correct answers to each practice question along with explanation of the correct answers are included. Areas covered in this review book include Patient Care, Radiographic procedures, Radiation Protection, Image Production and Evaulation, as well as Equipment Operation and Maintenance. radiology books cheap -

Nursing 2013 Drug Handbook Cheap

Nursing 2013 Drug Handbook cheap Nursing 2013 Drug Handbook tells you of unapproved off label drug uses so you will always know why a drug is prescribed. And this year be a more confident nurse with fingertip access to 30 new drugs highlighted so you cannot miss them, administration guidance for every appropriate route, IV drug incompatibility information, effects on lab test results for every drug, along with drug food, drug lifestyle, and drug herb interactions for expert monitoring. The book includes information on rapid and delayed onset interactions, dosage adjustment alerts for your patient with such conditions as renal or hepatic disease and for special populations. Additional information on every commonly prescribed drug, as well as a full color photo guide to help you identify 431 tablets and capsules. nursing books cheap -

Anatomy Coloring Book Cheap

Anatomy Coloring Book cheap The Anatomy Coloring Book has been the leading human anatomy coloring book, offering concisely written text and precise hand drawn figures. Organized according to body systems each of the 170 plates featured in this book includes an ingenious color key system. Anatomical terminology is linked to detail illustration of the structures of the body. Accessory Structures of the Skin, Temporomandibular Joint, Upper Limb Shoulder Glenohumeral Joint, Upper Limb Elbow Joints, Lower Limb Male and female Pelves, Lower Limb Sacroiliac and Hip Joints, Lower Limb Knee Joints, Somatic Visceral Receptors. Skeletal and Articular Systems, Skeletal Muscular System, Central Nervous System, Central Nervous System Cavities and Coverings, Peripheral Nervous System, Autonomic Nervous System, Human Development. anatomy books cheap -

First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 2012 Cheap

First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 2012 cheap First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 delivers what you need to ace the exam. More than 1200 frequently tested facts and mnemonics that provide a complete framework for your USMLE review. Conveniently organized by organ system and general principles. Full color clinical photographs integrated throughout the text. Hundreds of full color illustrations complement the text and improve retention. Rapid review section for last minute cramming. Detailed test taking strategies to help you maximize your study time. usmle books cheap -

Nursing Diagnosis Handbook An Evidence Based Guide to Planning Care Cheap

Nursing Diagnosis Handbook An Evidence Based Guide to Planning Care cheap Formulate nursing diagnoses and create individualized care plans. Updated with the most recent NANDA-I approved nursing diagnoses, Nursing Diagnosis Handbook An Evidence Based Guide to Planning Care, 9th Edition shows you how to build customized care plans using a three step process assess, diagnose, and plan care. It includes suggested nursing diagnoses for over 1,300 client symptoms, medical and psychiatric diagnoses, diagnostic procedures, surgical interventions, and clinical states. Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) and Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) information is used to guide you in creating care plans that include desired outcomes, interventions, patient teaching, and evidence based rationales. Includes pediatric, geriatric, multicultural, and home care interventions as necessary for plans of care. Includes examples of and suggested NIC interventions and NOC outcomes in each care plan. Allows quick access to specific symptoms and nursing diagnoses with alphabetical thumb tabs. Shows how care planning is used in everyday nursing practice to provide effective nursing care. nursing books cheap -

HESI Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination Cheap

HESI Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination cheap The HESI Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination 3rd Edition provides a comprehensive all in one review of the information you need to know. Written in an easy to read outline format this study tool breaks down chapters by clinical areas and concepts emphasized on the NCLEX-RN exam. Rationales are provided for any incorrect answers or areas of weakness. Hint boxes highlight important clinical information and concepts commonly tested on the NCLEX-RN exam. Chapters organized by clinical area make it easy to find review topics. Pharmacology tables summarize the need to know drug therapy content emphasized on the NCLEX-RN exam. Updated content reflects the 2010 NCLEX-RN test plan. Increased emphasis on pharmacology includes specific test taking strategies and integrated pharmacology content highlighted in tables. nclex books cheap - nursing books cheap -

USMLE Step 2 Secrets Cheap

USMLE Step 2 Secrets cheap USMLE Step 2 Secrets is an easy to read review perfect for busy students. Adam Brochert MD who scored in the 99th percentile on the Step 2 USMLE and Theodore X. O'Connell MD, author of several review and clinical reference books present essential questions and answers covering the important concepts you need to know to score well on the USMLE Step 2 exam. Key conditions you will be expected to recognize, all specialty and subspecialty topics, and necessary clinical concepts. Master all specialty and subspecialty topics covered on USMLE Step 2. Identify key facts and secrets using the Top 100 Secrets chapter. Review material quickly and easily thanks to bulleted lists, algorithms, and illustrations. Apply the pearls, tips, memory aids, and secrets. Find information quickly with a second color highlighting chapter and section titles, legends, bullets and icons, and key terms. Consult the book wherever you go thanks to the portable size. usmle books cheap -

Nursing 2012 Drug Handbook Cheap

Nursing 2012 Drug Handbook cheap The 32nd edition of the original drug handbook for nurses has been revised, updated, and completely redesigned with generic drugs alphabetically arranged for even faster access to drug and patient care information. This reliable guide offers comprehensive information on more than 1,000 generic and 3,000 brand name drugs, with special attention given to maintaining patient safety. Readers will find warnings and clinical alerts, overdose signs and symptoms, look alike and sound alike drugs, easy to spot drug action and IV administration information, a new chapter on safe drug administration, and three brand new appendices covering best practices for avoiding common drug errors, pediatric drugs commonly involved in drug errors, and elder care medication tips. All drug entry names are highlighted for easy retrieval of information, with therapeutic and pharmacologic classes clearly identified. Nursing 2012 Drug Handbook includes the ever popular color photoguide which is enhanced with even more drugs, A to Z tabs to quickly locate drug entries, and detailed coverage of selected drug classifications. nursing books cheap -

Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN Cheap

Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN cheap Each question includes the correct answer, a complete rationale for all responses, and a test taking strategy to help you develop techniques for locating the correct response. Each question includes a page reference to an Elsevier textbook to allow for further research and study. All alternate item format questions are included, with multiple response, prioritizing, fill in the blank, figure illustration, chart exhibit, and audio questions to prepare you for the wide variety of question types on the NCLEX-RN examination. Organization by nursing content area provides a logical, effective review to use throughout your nursing program. Pyramid Terms define key terms at the beginning of each major unit or chapter. Pyramid Points within each chapter highlight content that is important in preparing for the NCLEX-RN examination. Pyramid to Success sections provide an overview of major units or chapters and specific content related to the latest NCLEX-RN examination test plan. Pharmacology is emphasized with 13 pharmacology chapters, a medication and intravenous calculation chapter, and a pediatric medication calculation chapter to reflect this priority content on the NCLEX exam. Introductory chapters cover preparation for the NCLEX-RN exam, test taking strategies, the NCLEX-RN exam from a student's perspective, and transitional issues for the foreign educated nurse. A comprehensive exam consists of 265 questions that cover all content areas in the book and mirror the percentages identified in the NCLEX-RN examination test plan. A companion CD allows practice in quiz, study, or exam modes, with questions selected from content area, integrated process, category of client need, or alternate item format type. Completely updated content is based on the new NCLEX-RN examination test plan, effective April 2010. A total of 4,500 questions ensure that you're thoroughly prepared for the content covered on the NCLEX-RN Exam. New chapter on physical assessment highlights the key components of physical examination and health history often encountered on the NCLEX exam. Audio and video questions on the companion CD provide experience with these new types of questions before the exam. Audio review summaries included on the CD cover the three core areas of pharmacology, fluids and electrolytes, and acid base balance. Expanded coverage of prioritization, delegation, and nursing leadership and management provides critical information for these growing areas of nursing. Unique! Priority Nursing Actions boxes outline and explain clinical emergent situations requiring immediate action, including detailed rationales and textbook references to help strengthen your prioritizing skills in clinical and testing situations. Pyramid Alert boxes highlight important nursing concepts to help you focus on the content that is most frequently tested on the NCLEX examination. Automatic software updates on CD make it easy to check for changes and updates throughout the life of the edition. nclex books cheap - nursing books cheap -

Understanding Criminal Law Cheap

Understanding Criminal Law cheap Joshua Dressler is the Frank R. Strong Chair in Law at The Ohio State University College of Law. He is a widely known author in the field of criminal law. Among his works include of three criminal books including Understanding Criminal Law, Understanding Criminal Procedure, and Cases and Materials on Criminal Law. Among these criminal law books, the one noted here attempts to examine principles and theories of law and punishment and is probably best suited for the law student along with an accompanying casebook.

Sum and Substance Quick Review on Torts Cheap

Sum and Substance Quick Review on Torts cheap A Torts outline for use in class and when preparing for exams. The main outline section contains explanations of concepts and terms, with exam hints, strategies, mnemonics, charts, tables, and study tips. Contains self testing and diagnostic review questions. Case Squibs summarize significant cases and identify important facts, primary issues, and relevant law. Casebook Table keys map to relevant pages of leading casebooks. This like other torts outlines contain numerous essay and multiple choice questions with model answers and detailed explanations.

Criminal Law Examples and Explanations Cheap

Criminal Law Examples and Explanations cheap Criminal law books to help the student of law gain knowledge of criminal law basics, its sources and the ideas which underlie the act of punishment. Chapter coverage in this Criminal Law Examples and Explanations book includes The Sources and Limitations of the Criminal Law, the Purposes of Punishment, Actus Reus, The Doctrine of Mens Rea, Mistake, Strict Liability, Causation, Homicide, Rape, Theft, Solicitation, Attempt, Conspiracy, Complicity, Defenses: An Initial Survey, Acts in Emergency: Justification vs. Excuse, and Defenses Based on Individual Characteristics.

Anesthesia Cheap

Anesthesia cheap This review book presents over 1,000 multiple choice questions designed to test knowledge of one or more pertinent topics and principles of the practice of anesthesiology. Anesthesia is an excellent tool for Board review. Answers and concise explanations for each question are listed in the back of the book. Topics covered include: physics, pharmacology, physiology, equipment, general anesthesia, and subspecialty aspects of the practice. Anesthesia contains 995 multiple choice questions designed to test the knowledge of medical residents; correct answers and brief explanations are included. Reviewing both basic and clinical sciences, 11 chapters concentrate on topics related to anesthesia, including: equipment, respiratory physiology, pharmacology, blood products, general anesthesia, pediatrics, neurological physiology, cardiovascular physiology, and pain management. This second edition review book employs approximately 1,000 board type questions to highlight pertinent information withinvarious subspecialties of anesthesia. The answer section devotes a paragraph or more (with occasional tables/figures) to present acomprehensive explanation of each question and the correspondinganswer. Anesthesia is intended to serve as a review tool. Its aim is to underscore the important concepts in the practice of anesthesiology and question the reader about them.

Alternate Site Anesthesia Cheap

Alternate Site Anesthesia cheap Clinical Practice Outside the Operating Room The compact book describes the techniques and concerns relevant to alternate site anesthesia practice. The explosive growth of this area of practice has been driven by socioeconomic concerns as well as technological advances. The purpose is to describe the concerns and techniques for sedation and general anesthesia in sites beyond the traditional operating room environment. The author keeps Alternate Site Anesthesia readable by providing wide ranging coverage without attempting to be all inclusive. Alternate Site Anesthesia presents a concise and complete overview of alternate site anesthesia for anesthetists and nonanesthetists. The contributors are mainly from departments at the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine. The black and white illustrations and photographs are appropriate in quantity and quality. The references are in some cases a bit older but still very relevant. The main advantage of Alternate Site Anesthesia is the explanation of the scientific background and relevant nonanesthetic aspects for each alternate site. An additional advantage is the broad coverage from MRI scanning and interventional neuroradiology to office based and military field based practice.

How to Go to College on a Shoe String Cheap

How to Go to College on a Shoe String cheap The insiders guide to grants, scholarships, cheap college books, fellowships, and other financial aid secrets. In 2006 the cost to attend college was double the inflation rate. The average rate of tuition at a four year private college was about $21,000, while four year public universities averaged $5,500. This is even before accounting for costs of room and board. Ivy league universities cost even more. In 2006, the average debt for graduating college seniors who borrow to finance their undergraduate degree is just under $20,000. But there is good news. There is more financial aid for college available than ever before. Despite college cost increases a college education remains possible for most families. With the information detailed in this book you will be privy to more than 2,000 programs that offer scholarships, internships, or loans to more than 1.7 million college students each year. These are scholarships, grants, and loan programs that many college students have never heard of, for example the Millennium Scholarship offers $10,000 to students who have lived in Nevada for at least two years before they graduate from high school. Are you tall? Then apply for the Tall Clubs International Scholarship for males 6 feet 2 inches or taller and females 5 feet 10 inches or taller qualify for a $1000 scholarship. In addition to scholarships and grants you will learn ways to cut your college costs including calculating your college budget, ways to reduce your college budget, buy your textbooks for cheap, earn college credit on an accelerated basis, CLEP, earn college credit outside the traditional classroom, make use of payment alternatives, tax credits, combine higher education and course related employment, national and community service, tuition prepayment plans, federal funds, and state aid. How to apply for loans, grants and scholarships, preparing the financial aid packages, saving for college, retirement funds, what to do when your parents are divorced, getting awards, private scholarships, medical and dental coverage, and your dorm room. If you want to learn ways to save on your college costs than this book is for you.

Economic Analysis of Law Cheap

Economic Analysis of Law cheap This book covers every aspect of economic analysis of the law, from common law, corporate and commercial law, and public international law to family law, evidence law, and the economic theory of democracy. ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF LAW is the preeminent work in its field covering the legal and economic perspective on all key areas from common law to the Constitution. Authored by the authority in law and economic analysis this text offers a non quantitative approach and does not assume or require prior knowledge of economics or mathematics. The corporations chapter is revised and updated significantly in light of Enron and other corporate scandals, and Congress' response in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. New field of organizational economics is now included, with particular reference not only to corporations but also to nonprofits, law firms, and the judiciary. The rapidly expanding interest in the legal regulation of national security and foreign affairs, torture issues, executive power, the US Patriot Act - requires the addition of the interesting economic issues presented by such regulation. Expanded coverage of foreign law of which there is increased interest, throughout the book. New insights in the chapter on contracts are drawn from the author's recent scholarly work on contract law. The chapter on finance is revised and updated to reflect the growing importance of behavioral finance.

Vascular and Interventional Radiology Cheap

Vascular and Interventional Radiology cheap Written by a team of distinguished contributors this book offers a complete overview of vascular and interventional radiology for radiology residents and IR fellows who may be preparing for qualifying exams. The text is a detailed introductory course to the basic concepts and methodologies in vascular and interventional radiology. The text begins with an introduction to general procedures and imaging and goes on to provide a clinical analysis of successful diagnostic and management strategies. Dozens of case studies on pulmonary and bronchial circulation, venous diseases, angiography, and more are included. A valuable study guide for residents and fellows, some of the topics covered include: radiology books cheap -

Constitutional Law Cheap

Constitutional Law cheap This casebook breaks course content up into teachable class sized chunks and replaces the typical dense note material found in other casebooks with more of the classic cases presented at greater length with background readings from varied sources. Emphasizing the evolution of constitutional law from the Founding to today, Constitutional Law Cases in Context, employs a transparent and straightforward organization that is not only easy for students to grasp but easy for professors to tailor and rearrange to suit various teaching preferences. This unique casebook is designed to be user friendly for teacher and student alike. Primary emphasis is placed on how Constitutional Law has developed rather than on doctrinal details, providing an accessible and engaging way to consider first principles and method, especially for those students without a basic familiarity with constitutional history to convey the context in which they were decided. Landmark classic cases that provide the basic vocabulary of Constitutional Law are presented chronologically.

Legal Research Illustrated Cheap

Legal Research Illustrated cheap Legal Research Illustrated offers an authoritative introduction to legal research, including the most recent methods and resources. This teaching tool provides a detailed discussion of the legal research process, integrating electronic sources and other research aids. The 9th edition includes a new chapter on legal writing. Illustrations and charts present and clarify fundamentals. Highlights of this edition include updated chapters covering the newest sources, with an emphasis on the Internet, major revisions of the chapters on federal legislation, federal legislative histories, administrative law, constitutional law, secondary sources, citators, electronic legal research, international and human rights law, as well as a revised glossary of legal research terms.

Sturdevants Art and Science of Operative Dentistry Cheap

Sturdevants Art and Science of Operative Dentistry cheap This comprehensive text presents a detailed, in depth approach to preventive dentistry and restorative dentistry. Drawing from both theory and practice, the text is supported by extensive laboratory and clinical and research. Based upon the principle that dental caries is a disease the book provides both a comprehensive understanding of caries and approaches to its treatment and prevention. Comprehensive coverage of operative dentistry include fundamentals, diagnosis, instrumentation, preparation, restoration, and prevention. Up to date information covers insurance, safety, and infection control based on the latest reports and guidelines from organizations such as OSHA and ADA. A clear and consistent presentation describes each restorative process in a linear pattern initial clinical procedures, tooth preparation and restorative techniques. Procedural alternatives include multiple approaches to problems wherever applicable, teaching how to adapt a procedure or technique to meet individual patient needs. Clinical photos illustrate important concepts such as coloration and shading on both natural teeth and prostheses. Esthetic dentistry instruction is included. Chapters are grouped into five sections including Fundamentals of Operative Dentistry, Instrumentation and Preparation, Composite Restorations, Amalgam Restorations, and Metal Restorations.

Merrills Atlas of Radiographic Positioning and Procedures Cheap

Merrills Atlas of Radiographic Positioning and Procedures cheap This comprehensive three volume set includes more than four hundred projections. Clear and detailed instructions explain all commonly performed procedures. This text shows how to properly position the patient so that each radiograph provides the information the physician needs to make a correct diagnosis. Additional chapters cover each bone group or organ system all of which are illustrated in full color and augmented with MRI images. This text is so highly regarded that many state boards and the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists reference it when designing their certification exams. Special chapters help students prepare for the full scope of experiences as a radiographer. Summaries of pathology describe and define conditions. Summaries of projections list all projections by anatomical area. Exposure technique charts in positioning chapters list technique factors for the various projections. The New Compensating Filters chapter explains how filters are used in patient positioning and presents photographs of all the filters currently in use as well as providing samples of radiographs produced using the filters. Enhanced content includes material on age related competencies. More than ninety new high quality radiographs include many new MRI and CT images. A digital radiography icon identifies projections that require special consideration when using digital imaging. Expanded anatomy sections include over forty CT and MRI images to augment the traditional anatomy art. It covers sectional anatomy at the same time as traditional anatomy and prepares students for the proposed new CT competency. New and revised projections include New axial lateromedial projection, the Coyle Method of the elbow. Modified AP oblique projection of the acetabulum, the Judet Method. The Pawlow Method, Twinning Method and Modified Pawlow Method of imaging the cervicothoracic region are modified and simplified into one projection.

Surgery of the Pediatric Spine Cheap

Surgery of the Pediatric Spine cheap Ideal for neurosurgeons, pediatric neurosurgeons, and orthopaedic surgeons, Surgery of the Pediatric Spine is a comprehensive multidisciplinary reference for the surgical management of the most commonly encountered spine problems in the pediatric patient. An overview of developmental and clinical aspects provide essential information on neuroimaging, biomechanics, preoperative evaluation, anesthesia, and neurophysiological monitoring. The text presents the surgical anatomy and various approaches to the spine and spinal cord. Chapters are grouped into easy to reference sections that are organized by type of problem including vascular malformation, congenital anomalies and developmental disorders, neoplasm, inflammatory and infectious disease, neuromuscular disease, trauma and deformities. The text also presents special techniques for the treatment of spinal deformities including osteotomy, vertebrectomy, VEPTR expansion thoracoplasty and fusionless techniques. A chapter devoted to the rehabilitation of children with spinal cord injury covers the principles and key concepts in treatment as well as the possible challenges and secondary complications that are unique to pediatric patients. Includes clinical insights from well known experts in the fields of neurosurgery, pediatric neurosurgery, and orthopedics. Detailed information for each stage of management guides the reader through clinical presentation, diagnostic studies, indications, operative techniques, nonsurgical treatments, possible complications and outcomes.

Textbook of Surgical Oncology Cheap

Textbook of Surgical Oncology cheap Updated with the latest information, the Textbook of Surgical Oncology was published in December of 2007. Undertaking a timely review of the principles that should underlie the role of surgery in malignant disease, this new textbook also discusses the relation of surgical oncology to other medical specialties involved in the treatment of the cancer patient and places special emphasis on a critical approach to the available trials and evidence. Written and edited by an international team with wide experience in the clinical practice of surgical oncology this textbook will be an invaluable reference for all involved in the management of cancer patients.

Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry Cheap

Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry cheap This fourth edition of Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry is the ultimate resource on periodontics. The editors are joined by over 50 expert contributors to address the full spectrum of periodontal issues. The book's coverage extends logically from the anatomy of the periodontium through treatment options, and elucidates the relationship between periodontal and restorative dentistry. The section dedicated to implants in the periodontally compromised patient reflects the increasing importance of this form of oral rehabilitation. This section includes new chapters on implant placement in the esthetic zone and issues related to supportive therapy in the implant patient. With an approximate 25% increase in length this fourth edition keeps pace with the level of interest and growth of research in periodontology. Chapters included in previous editions have been updated and many new chapters added, including modifying factors in periodontal disease, risk assessment, and genetics in relation to periodontitis. The remarkable scholarship evident in the text is matched only by the quality of the illustrations, which guide the reader through the wealth of material detailed in the book. These features combine to make this book essential reading for the discerning student and practitioner and an asset to the faculty or practice library. Key features include fourteen new chapters 2000 illustrations with over 1500 in color, significant and original research findings, and detailed case reports.

Netters Anatomy Cheap

Netters Anatomy cheap Netters Anatomy aka Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy is the most loved and best selling anatomy atlas in the English language. In over 540 beautifully colored and easily understood illustrations it teaches the complete human body with unsurpassed clarity and accuracy. This new edition features 45 revised, 290 relabeled and 17 wholly new plates drawn fully in the tradition of Frank Netter and includes more imaging and clinical images than ever before. Six consulting editors have worked together to ensure the new edition's accuracy and usefulness in the lecture theatre, classroom, and dissection lab. Ninety plates from the book as well as a powerful and varied bank of ancillary material unique to this atlas are available. Includes uniquely informative drawings that allow students to learn structures with confidence. Associates normal anatomy with an application of that knowledge in a clinical setting. Offers a strong selection of imaging to show you what is happening three dimensionally in the human body, the way one sees it in practice.

Human Development Cheap

Human Development cheap This trusted text features an interdisciplinary, cross cultural, and contextual perspective on development. Applications to psychology, health care, social work, education, and family dynamics make this a popular choice for schools offering the course to a variety of majors. This rich range of applications along with instructional design features drawn from cognitive psychology provides a strong pedagogical framework for learning. This fully revised eighth edition includes more than 1,200 citations from the 21st century, expanded coverage of diversity, new "Implications for Practice" boxes, and many new photos, figures, and tables. Search for this and other cheap college books at our site.

Chemistry The Central Science Cheap

Chemistry The Central Science cheap For individuals interested in the study of general chemistry. The acknowledged leader and standard in general chemistry this book maintains its effective and proven features clarity of writing, scientific integrity, currency, strong exercises, visual emphasis and consistency in presentation. It offers readers an integrated educational solution to the challenges of learning with an expanded media program that works in concert with the book, helping them to approach problem solving, visualization, and applications with greater success. Chapter topics cover: Matter and Measurement; Atoms, Molecules, and Ions; Stoichiometry: Calculations with Chemical Formulas and Equations; Aqueous Reactions and Solution Stoichiometry; Thermochemistry; Electronic Structure of Atoms; Periodic Properties of the Elements; Basic Concepts of Chemical Bonding; Molecular Geometry and Bonding Theories; Gases; Intermolecular Forces, Liquids, and Solids; Modern Materials; Properties of Solutions; Chemical Kinetics; Chemical Equilibrium; Acid-Base Equilibria; Additional Aspects of Equilibria; Chemistry of the Environment; Chemical Thermodynamics; Electrochemistry; Nuclear Chemistry; Chemistry of the Nonmetals; Metals and Metallurgy; Chemistry of Coordination Compounds; and The Chemistry of Life: Organic and Biological Chemistry. Many other chemistry textbooks like this as well as other cheap college books at our site.

Principles Of Anatomy And Physiology Cheap

Principles Of Anatomy And Physiology cheap The eleventh edition of Principles of Anatomy and Physiology marks a new milestone in the publication of the phenomenally successful Principles of Anatomy and Physiology. Bryan Derrickson of Valencia Community College in Orlando, Florida joins Jerry Tortora as a coauthor, bringing his background and expertise in physiology in balance with Jerry's focus on anatomy. The authors have maintained in the text the superb balance between structure and function and continue to emphasize the correlations between normal physiology and pathophysiology, normal anatomy and pathology, and homeostasis and homeostatic imbalances. The acclaimed illustration program is now even better thanks to the input of hundreds of professors and students and the redevelopment of many of the figures depicting the toughest topics for students to grasp. The eleventh edition now fully integrates this exceptional text with a host of innovative electronic media, setting the standard once again for a rewarding and successful classroom experience for both students and instructors.

Primary Care for Physician Assistants Cheap

Primary Care for Physician Assistants cheap For use in preparation for certifying and recertification exams, this book helps PAs integrate the medical information they have received in their basic and clinical science courses. Following guidelines as established by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants - NCCPA, overviews the primary care curriculum of PA programs nationwide. The book first couples a Clinical Review By Body Systems - ie. Endocrinology, Neurology, Respiratory with a Clinical Review By Specialty - ie. Pediatrics, Surgery, Radiology. The final section focuses on Clinical/Diagnostic Skills - ie. Complete Neurological, Cardiovascular, Respiratory exams.

Campbell Walsh Urology Review Cheap

Campbell Walsh Urology Review cheap The internationally renowned team of authors responsible for Campbell Walsh Urology, 9th Edition (formerly known as Campbell's Urology) has skillfully constructed this companion review source to help you master the most important knowledge in urology. Over 2,800 multiple choice questions cover all of the core material from the text offering a structured, systematic approach for course review and exam preparation. Features contributions from the same respected authorities that made Campbell's Urology, 8th Edition the most trusted source in the field. Offers more than 2,800 straightforward multiple-choice study questions with answers and rationales to help you assess and deepen your understanding of key information. Uses a chapter sequence, which mirrors that of the parent text, and provides specific page references for each question, making it easy to turn to the relevant sections of Campbell Walsh Urology, 9th Edition for more information. Delivers balanced coverage of controversial issues providing well-rounded explanations of questions for which no one answer is correct. Provides a wealth of new chapters that that delineate the latest advances and authoritative guidance in the field including chapters on such hot topics as vascular and prosthetic surgery for erectile dysfunction, female sexual function and dysfunction, laparoscopic bladder surgery, tumor markers for prostate cancer, neuromodulation and electrical stimulation.

Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment Cheap

Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment cheap The leading annually updated general medical text, Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2007 is the most comprehensive, reliable, and timely reference available to answer common questions in everyday clinical practice. Written in a concise, easy to read style, the text covers all aspects of outpatient and inpatient care including gynecology, obstetrics, urology, dermatology, psychiatry, neurology, otolaryngology, and ophthalmology as well as authoritative descriptions of new developments in medicine. It includes information on over 1000 diseases and disorders with an emphasis on prevention and cost-effective treatments. Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2007 also features updated information on drug dosages and costs and updated therapeutic options in HIV, including an approach to multi-drug antiretroviral therapies. Detailed, up to date coverage of all primary care topics, including gynecology, dermatology, neurology, and urology. Expanded information on health maintenance, including the prevention of obesity. Extensive coverage of hypertension, with updated recommendations from the JNC 7 report of the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure. New immunization tables presenting the latest guidelines for adults and children. Expert guidance on new therapies in alternative and complementary medicine. Easy access to drug dosages, updated prices, and indexed trade names.

Harrison's Internal Medicine Cheap

Harrison's Internal Medicine cheap Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine raises the bar for internal medicine references. Featuring over 90 completely new chapters, Harrison's continues to provide the most authoritative record of internal medicine as practiced by the leading experts in the field. And it gives you the one comprehensive database that covers the full spectrum of issues you need to know now basic science, pathophysiology, presenting clinical signs, diagnosis, and the latest treatment guidelines. State of the art coverage of over 4,700 diseases and disorders more than any other internal medicine text in the areas of oncology and hematology,infectious diseases, cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, clinical immunology, rheumatology, endocrinology, and neurology. A brand new full color format 665 full color drawings, 175 clinical and laboratory images, and hundreds of boxes, tables, and algorithms that use color to guide you to the information you need ASAP in everyday patient care. The addition of key new chapters including extensive new coverage of Critical Care Medicine. Cardinal manifestations of disease/signs and symptoms in 55 chapters. CRITICAL CARE - cardiac, general medicine, respiratory, neurological represent a growing percentage of in-hospital beds. With 10 chapters in three sections, this is a major and timely addition. DISEASE SCREENING AND PREVENTION - You'll find principles and guidelines for screening for common disorders such as cancer, hypertension, lipid disorders, and osteoporosis. These screening approaches should be considered by every internist for routine health maintenance WOMEN'S HEALTH - An updated overview of practical approaches to the diagnosis and management of disorders and diseases unique to women. DISORDERS OF LIPOPROTEIN METABOLISM - Greater focus on the classification, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of cholesterol and triglyceride metabolism. Features updated treatment guidelines with a focus on the use of statins for reducing cardiovascular risk. ALZHEIMER'S AND RELATED DEMENTIAS - Summarizes the explosion of knowledge in an easily readable style. Presents a clinical guide to the diagnosis of Alzheimer's; how to distinguish Alzheimer's from other dementia problems; and the very latest clinical recommendations on the use of new treatments for dementia. PARKINSON'S DISEASE - Reviews all the new findings in applied and clinical genetics, and provides an authoritative approach to therapeutics including surgical options. MICROBIAL, CHEMICAL, AND RADIATION BIOTERRORISM - The medical profession is on the front line of response to threats of bioterrorism. These chapters were written by recognized experts and edited by Dr. Anthony Fauci who leads the government's biomedical efforts towards national preparedness against such attacks. They are clear and succinct with easily readable charts, tables and algorithms to help you understand the pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of the diseases in question. No other general medical reference covers all of these important subjects in such a comprehensive and clear manner . HIV/AIDS - This revision of what is widely considered to be the classic treatment of this topic fully reflects the rapid evolution of medical knowledge of HIV disease, particularly the all important advances in therapeutic strategies. This chapter's clinically practical nature and its comprehensive and analytical approach to the pathogenesis of HIV disease make it a complete reference on HIV/AIDS. IMMUNE SYSTEM - Another truly classic treatment, this chapter has now been updated to include the rapid advances in both basic and clinical immunology. It combines an in depth description and analysis of the principles of basic immunology with an easy flow into the application of these principles to clinical disease states. DISORDERS OF IMMUNE-MEDIATED INJURY - Major advances in immunomodulatory therapy realized in rheumatology over the past three years have been captured in extensive revisions in chapters on Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, and The Spondyloarthropathies. PSEUDOMEMBRANOUS COLITIS due to Clostridium difficile. This important pathogen is a very frequently encountered organism, especially in the hospital setting. STEM CELL AND GENE TRANSFER - Defines different types of stem cells, and discusses potential applications in clinical medicine ranging from bone marrow transplantation to future possibilities such as stem cell transplantation in the heart, pancreatic islets, and central nervous system. There is also a major focus on how gene transfer can be combined with stem cells to modify their function. PERIMENOPAUSE TRANSITION AND HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY - Timely chapter addresses the controversial topic of hormone therapy. Coincides with publication of the results of the Women's Health Initiative, which unexpectedly showed increased cardiovascular risk in women receiving estrogen treatment. Provides practical algorithms for managing the care of women during and after the menopause transition. BONE AND MINERAL METABOLISM - Incorporates the vast number of new insights into bone development and turnover. An outstanding review that lays the foundation for understanding the pathophysiology and treatment of various metabolic bone diseases.

Clinical Anatomy for Medical Students Cheap

Clinical Anatomy for Medical Students cheap The new edition of Clinical Anatomy for Medical Students is created with today's curriculum and medical practice in mind. Taking into account the vast expansion of technology in recent years, the new Sixth Edition delivers high yield content in a concise format with everything you need for your future in practice - without extraneous detail. Like its predecessors, the Sixth Edition features a user friendly organization by body region, from surface to deep structure. That way, the presentation is in sync with your curriculum, and also makes it easier to find material on specific structures. Plus, the book is generously illustrated, with clear depictions augmented with extensive use of color. You'll find artwork summarizing the nerve and blood supplies of regions, as well as overviews of the distribution of cranial nerves - an advantage for study and review.

NMS Review USMLE Step 2 Cheap

NMS Review USMLE Step 2 cheap Authored by the teaching faculty at National Medical School Review this book is a comprehensive review for the USMLE. The clinical years of medicine are covered, namely, internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, OB/GYN, family medicine, and occupational medicine. Detailed explanations of right and wrong choices are included and students are given a good basis of understanding the concepts. Presents five complete tests, each with 180 questions, answers, and explanations, as samples for the second stage of the comprehensive medical examination. Students can get a feel for the questions they will have to face, become familiar with the format, and identify areas they need to strengthen. usmle books cheap -

Getting In How Not To Apply to Medical School Cheap

Getting In How Not To Apply to Medical School cheap Getting In How Not To Apply to Medical School is a tough, practical guide for people storming the ramparts of medical school admission boards. Paul Jung takes the pre-med or second career aspirant from pre-application experiences through the application process with a very practical approach. The book is filled with the pitfalls and misconceptions applicants frequently make, rendering the subtitle particularly apt and (for those terrified of the unknowns) eminently appealing. The volume also includes self-diagnostic sections and common pitfalls to avoid when applying to medical school. Contrary to popular belief, applying to medical school does not have to be stressful and time consuming. Getting In shows students caught in the web of medical school admissions boards how to apply to medical school the right way setting themselves apart from the rest of the crowd. Jung takes pre-med and second career aspirants through the entire ordeal and lets them know how important it is to apply as early as possible. From preparation and finding ways to obtain an application noticed by the admissions committee to information on the MCAT and getting through common interview traps, the book gives inside tips and helps applicants through what can be a stressful and uncertain time. The author allows readers a glimpse into common errors that others have made in their quests for acceptance, such as taking all required science courses in one semester or leaving large chunks of a medical application blank. Taking a down to earth, realistic approach, Jung acknowledges the pitfalls and misconceptions frequently made by applicants and even provides alternative solutions for discouraged students. The result is a well written book that describes hardships and blunders but also gives good, practical information on how to succeed.

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